Atomic bomb and domino theory

The ending of the Second World War was as a result of United States dropping atomic bombs on the two major Japanese cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Up to date, that is the only incidence where nuclear weapons were used in war. The decision regarding using the atomic bomb is still controversial. President Truman during that reign he faced a lot of difficulties.  The use of the atomic bombs was failure Japanese to surrender; therefore, United States was to do something devastating and fast (Wainstock, 2011).


The Soviet Union was not intimidated by the United States and thus, it became armed with nuclear weapons. This lead to cold war and nuclear arms race and there was tension between the Soviet Union and the United States. During this period, the concept of communism was also expanding and spreading. The communist at the long last founded Democratic Republic of Vietnam back in the year 1945. However, it took them 30 years so that they can gain control and access to the whole country (Poolos, 2008).

Historically when a country became boarded with a certain country under communism, there were high chances of the communism concept spreading to the country. Most people were concerned if Vietnam would become communist most of the countries neighboring would be totally threatened. President Eisenhower said that if Vietnam fell possibly, a long string of most countries would fall under it. These concepts become known as the domino theory (Marcinko & DeFelice, 2012).

This theory states that if one nation in a given region would come under the control of the communist, then the chance of another following was very high. This theory was used to justify the intervention of American in the civil wars concerning Vietnam and the Koreans that led to the maiming and killing million of civilians who were innocent (Marcinko & DeFelice, 2012).

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