Enforcing Strict Building Codes

Safety standards are vital when building individual homes. Maintenance of safety standard during home construction is important and people believe that the government should be responsible for enforcing strict building laws regulating the standards of building within the society. Alternatively, some people reason that the house owners and the people responsible for building the houses should be responsible for checking the safety measures while constructing various buildings.


In my opinion, there are governmental bodies, which are responsible for enforcing strict building codes to enable and enhance the safety measures for individuals within various construction sites. Since the real -estate is the fastest growing industry; the government should establish measures to define mechanisms controlling building quality (Van der Heijden, 2015).

Building regulations should strictly to be implemented by the government to enhance the construction of quality structures than the owners .The owners are after the booming business and are not minding the quality of the residences . The government should apply strict measures to reduce the poor standards of buildings to reduce death rates caused by constructing injuries.

The government should survey and evaluate every phase of construction from design to fitting electrical wiring and if the building is of substandard quality, the approval is withheld. Most governments of various developed and developing countries have initiated and improved construction strategies to reduce accidents at the construction sites before handing the houses to the owners.

Human safety is the most important idea while considering a working place making adapting most latest and complex safety measurements before or after production department needs immediate attention. The government should first regulate the number of the people accommodate in various buildings making sure the number does not exceed the required capacity (Durst, 2015). To maintain human safety measures, the government should engage the constructors to produce quality concrete structures to meet the environmental natural hazard to curb regular accidents. Human safety is very vital to maintain hospitality within the environment.

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