The Gadget I Cannot Live Without

In the present age where technology in communication dots every corner of the planet, people find themselves associating with some comminication gadgets. They hold them so dearly in their hearts that they cannot do without them. As for me, the mobile phone is extremely important.


Just like other electronic devices, mobile phones vary in technology. However, all of them perform the basic purpose; to call and receive calls (Barnett, 2012). Lacking a mobile phone would be tantamount to disconnecting myself from the world, especially my friends and businessmen.  It would be like taking steps down the history lane when mobile phones were not present. The life without a mobile phone compared to the one I am living, with it, would be primitive. I must not lack the mobile phone. The phones are so cheap that even children own them. It would be a disgusting picture for me to go begging other people’s phones to make calls. My lack if the phone would be the subject of the talk, which would severely affect my social status.

Today, communication technology is so advanced that new phones are released quite often. The phones have massive capacities. In simpler terms, these mobile phones are smaller computers (Duerson, 2012). I do not need to have a laptop with me every time. With the phone, I can synchronise emails to  receive notifications whenever there are new mails. What elates me is the fact that with a smart phone, I do not  need to buy other electronic gadgets like a wrist watch, a camera, a torch, a radio, a calculator and so forth. They are all inbuilt. Besides, the capacity to download phone applications from the internet makes having a smartphone a worthy affair. I can read ebooks, the bible and other form of books.

In conclusion, the advent of the mobile phone marked a turning point in the history of communication. It is a device that has revolutionized virtually every sector of life. I cannot imagine myself lacking this device. It connects me to the outside world.

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