Impact of Media on Society


Media has revolutionized how people socialize and communicate over the internet. As such, the media has certain impacts on the society. This paper gives a discussion of the impacts as follows:

Impact on Politics

According to Noor & Hendricks (2012), social media has played a significant role in numerous elections across the globe, including elections in Iran, America, and India. Politicians use the media as a channel to inspire mass movements and rally their people for a common cause. However, the media also has function as a tool for political unrests in some countries like Iraq.

Impact on Business

Firms that embrace technology normally use social media as a way of advertising their products and creating customer loyalty among other functions. Television and radio advertisements, as forms of marketing, also influence the total sales of companies. The media presents an effective way to enhance brand popularity and image.

Effect on Socialization

Through social media, an individual has an opportunity to make new friends, re-connect with old friends and colleagues, share pictures and content, trade ideas, and many more activities. People can get updates on the latest local and global developments. Professionals also make use of social media sites such as LinkedIn to improve their business prospects and career (Berger, 2012, pg. 56). Learners can easily interact with their peers as a way of enhancing their communication skills and academic proficiency. Through social media, people can learn about various cultures and societies just by interacting with people of those cultures.



In summary, social media has numerous impacts on the society. This paper has just given a few of these impacts. We have briefly discussed the impact of media on politics, business and socialization.

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  1. Truly paper! Thanks! I agree that impact of the media is numerous! A huge amount of people get last news from media, so it is very important topic for discussion.

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