Retirement at 65

Retirement at 65 is essential because the person is cited to have served the government or rather an organization for a maximum of 47 years. That is a lot of time because one can start a company of his or her own and develop it to an international standard, if he or opted for otherwise. The person needs family interactions and maybe engaging in politics or other private affairs.

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The government should therefore consider the welfare of retirees in case they reach their maximum age in service. The retiree has the right to adequate housing and sanitation as well as right to human dignity. Most of the retirees suffer evictions as a result of delayed retirement benefits or lack of regular basic income. There are widespread forced evictions of retirees that are occurring in the country coupled with a lack of adequate warning and compensation which are justified owners or the government itself.  Unfortunately there is an obvious lack of appropriate legislation to provide    guidelines on these notorious evictions to safeguard rights of these retirees.

47 years is a lot of time to have a retirement plan that will last you for the rest of your lifetime. Saving little by little will prove vital once you retire at age 65. It is advantageous to save during your time of service because the retirement savings are not deducted until they are distributed. This is good reason to invest in your employer’s account instead of investing in your personal account which may attract deductions even before they are deducted. Deductions are made through payroll and hence one cannot use the savings money for other uses at the end of the month or even year. The deducted amount can increase gradually as you save. The employer secures your money and once, by bad luck, the employee dies, then there are other beneficiaries and benevolent fund allocated for burial.

To add on, an employee has the advantage and opportunity to improve the financial security in retirement. Retirement at 65 is therefore essential with a well-planned retirement structure and also an assurance from the authority concerned.

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