Sports should Be Part of Academic Life of learners


Most schools have while others may wish to drop sports so that their students can concentrate fully on academic work. This emanates from the society pressure on academic performance. However, departure from sports to full academic life at school is made in complete disregard of the imperative role sports plays in the development of a student, even in his/her academic life. This paper holds the opinion that students should involve themselves in sports alongside their studies as it has many benefits.


To begin with, sports participation in sports offers students a chance to do vigorous activity and expend their energy (Merkel, 2013). Further research shows that sports aids avoiding inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle (Merkel, 2013). By burning calories and not getting enough time to snack as they engage in sport, students lead a healthy life and avoid such disorders like obesity. Moreover, physical activity reduces tension and exercises the brain thus enhancing cognitive function in learners (Merkel, 2013)

According to Shephard (2008), learners that engage in sports are associated with positive social constructs. Such learners demonstrate improved skills in goal setting, time management, social intelligence, self-concept, cooperation, emotional control, and leadership (Shephard, 2008). Moreover, physically active students tend to be less anxious, are happier, and has a decreased risk of suicidal behavior. Occupied by both studies and games, learners find themselves with little free time on their hands and this reduces their likelihood of engaging in drugs and other antisocial behaviors (Shephard, 2008)


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so goes an English proverb. Sports should not be seen as a time-consumer. Rather, in education, it should be seen for what it is-performance booster. As such, it is self-defeating to abstain from sports to enhance academic performance. Let learners play!

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  1. Of course sport is need to be! Sport helps to develop yourself, be healthier and more! Doing sports makes people stronger.

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